Why I Love My Job

Our company culture and core values are powerful, which makes it a fun and rewarding work environment. I love my job as an Administrative Specialist, as there are new challenges daily. This keeps things interesting. I feel valued and respected for my contributions to the firm.

Nancy J. Bullock Family

Nancy has helped countless Halbert Hargrove clients to onboard with us and maintain stress-free paperwork and compliance details ever since she joined our Long Beach-based client services team in 2010.

The Administrative Specialist position requires a range of responsibilities in meeting client objectives. Nancy says she enjoys the variety, along the camaraderie of HH’s client-focused teams. Our clients appreciate her responsiveness and attention to detail—we value her extensive knowledge of processes and requirements.

Prior to HH, Nancy spent 20+ years working in procurement and purchasing for companies in the greater LA area—from airplane parts to all types of electronics—including Montroy Supply Company, Arges Technologies, Atlas Energy Systems, and Boeing. While at Boeing, she earned a Purchasing Professional Certification, and has also studied at Long Beach City College. She was awarded the ACCREDITED INVESTMENT FIDUCIARY™ designation by the University of Pittsburgh-affiliated Center for Fiduciary Studies in 2011.

In her private life, Nancy is most proud of her family. She’s been happily married for 35+ years, and loves spending time with her husband, daughter, son-in-law, and two beautiful grandsons. Other favorite pursuits include weekend getaways and “playing in the dirt—aka gardening.”

Fun Fact

I LOVE Roller Coasters.