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RIA Finds $4 Billion in Big Change

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Forbes Top Wealth Managers of 2015

Halbert Hargrove ranks #36 among top 100. 
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Fiduciary Investment Management and Wealth Advisory Services.
Halbert Hargrove's process is designed to meet the needs of today's most demanding investors.

Knowledge of the financial markets is just one of many critical components of a successful financial strategy. Halbert Hargrove's objective institutional advice is provided in the context of a personal relationship. We manage our clients' wealth, along with their charitable legacies and the retirement plans of their businesses. We also advise charitable organizations and corporations.

Five key characteristics make Halbert Hargrove a wise choice for investors:

With so many choices available to investors, how do you make an informed decision? Halbert Hargrove provides the best of both worlds: A wide range of solutions plus objective advice. Our extensive relationships with institutional investment management firms give our clients access to preferred vehicles. And our independence from product providers ensures that our advice is always guided by your best interests.
Halbert Hargrove's professionals work with you closely to create an investment plan to protect your wealth and meet your long-term goals. We make a significant commitment to research, due diligence and manager scrutiny, and diversify across all essential asset classes in structuring your portfolio. Based on your investment objectives and risk tolerance, we build a diversified portfolio using managers and structures we believe are the best of class for each type of asset, resulting in an efficient total portfolio.
We understand the complexities wealth can pose. Our financial strategies go well beyond investment management, taking your financial needs and personal goals into consideration. Halbert Hargrove works across generations and works to systematically address vital concerns such as estate planning, tax planning, philanthropic goals, and family financial education. We research the market and can provide referrals to the accountants, lawyers, estate planners and insurance agents in whom we have the highest confidence if it's necessary to supplement your current advisors.
No investment process is complete without objective monitoring of results—and clear communications. At Halbert Hargrove, we emphasize transparency, so clients can understand the characteristics of each investment. We make ourselves accountable for regular communication on how each investment and the total portfolio have performed in relation to your personal objectives.
Since 1933, Halbert Hargrove Group has achieved a reputation for disciplined investment management and commitment to service, one client at a time. We offer a deep bench: the expertise of our trained advisory and service team plus industry experts across all major specialty areas. We value our clients and we work to make that clear in every aspect of our relationship with you.