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7. Halbert Hargrove & Co. was a broker-dealer established in 1933.  Halbert Hargrove Global Advisors, LLC was originally established as an S Corporation in 1988 as Halbert, Hargrove Advisors then renamed to Halbert, Hargrove/Russell in 1989. Halbert, Hargrove/Russell became the managing member in 1998 of Halbert, Hargrove/Russell LLC,  when this LLC was established.  In 2010, Halbert, Hargrove/Russell LLC was renamed Halbert Hargrove Global Advisors, LLC.   Halbert, Hargrove/Russell now remains a managing member of Halbert Hargrove Global Advisors, LLC under the name Halbert Hargrove Holdings, Inc. Halbert Hargrove & Co. is no longer registered with FINRA or a national securities exchange.