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HH ranked No. 8 on the 2023 CNBC Financial Advisor 100 list

Last received September 2023 based on 12/31/2022 data.
CNBC enlisted data provider AccuPoint Solutions to assist with ranking.

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We serve a wide array of valued clients, but our expertise is best suited for families and individuals who:



Have savings or investments exceeding $1 million

Life Transitions

Life Transitions

Want expert advice during significant life changes such as retirement, divorce, or business transitions

Goal Oriented

Goal Oriented

Seek comprehensive guidance from a fiduciary, that extends beyond mere portfolio management

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Financial services that
adjust as your life unfolds


What matters to you?

Fearless conversations—all centered on your resources, commitments and life goals—ground our relationship. This clarity about what you want out of life, now and in the future, informs everything we do.

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As your life evolves, so should your financial strategies.

Goals can shift. So will your life circumstances. Each chapter presents different opportunities and challenges. Our LifePhase Investing® approach continuously adapts to your needs, providing right-fit solutions.

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We strive for you to feel confident and supported.

Over decades, we’ve steadily defended our clients’ legacies and remained disciplined during the difficult periods. As your gurus, guides and gladiators, we’ll stand beside you—through all economic environments.

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A well-lived life is about more than money.
Let us show you how.