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There’s more to a well-lived life than money and resources. HH’s LifePhase Investing® is about building portfolios that will help you reach your goals for every stage of the journey, while addressing concerns about increasing longevity.

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Tax Planning Strategies: Scenarios to Consider


Business Owners

Specialized retirement plans can allow for pre-tax contributions resulting in significant tax reductions.



Tax-focused planning for executive benefits like 401ks, Profit Sharing, and Deferred Compensation plans can decrease earned income—and maximize tax savings.


High Net Worth Families

Integrating tax considerations into all aspects of financial planning—including making charitable contributions and Quarterly Estimated Taxes—will help optimize outcomes.


In Retirement

Strategic choices in taking distributions from retirement plans vs. taxable accounts can help minimize tax hits—and potentially reduce Medicare premiums.

Are you looking to be as tax-efficient as possible in investing, saving, spending, and giving?

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