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Planning for retirement can seem overwhelming. We’ll help you manage complex what-ifs—and stay on course for the retirement you want.

The Basics of HH’s Process

Focusing on Your Goals for the Future

To ensure your spending needs are met, it’s important to explore what you envision in retirement. Some examples: travel, philanthropy, a change of residence, personal passions.


Getting Your Financial Bearings

We’ll help you organize all your financials, including current investments, income and expenses, saving discipline, typical spending, and future retirement income.


Exploring Multiple Scenarios

If we tweak here or there, then what? We’ll create different scenarios, including: upping your current savings rate, shifting investment allocations, drilling down into expenses, and potentially retiring later.


Reviewing Your Plan

Once you have a plan, how can you ensure it stays solid? We’ll revisit it periodically, hearing from you whether any goals or circumstances have changed and adjust accordingly.

Addressing the impacts of longer lives.

“Understanding longevity is critical to how our clients should view the long arc of their working lives. We’re engaged not only in helping them turn their working and investment capital into financial wealth—we want to help them plan for a wonderful quality of life in their later years.”

Russell T. Hill, Chairman/Co-Founder

Our collaboration with Stanford

What does your ideal retirement look like? We’d love to hear about it—and help you get there.

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