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There are pros and cons to every gifting strategy. Let us help you navigate these to optimize impact.


What do you want your giving to accomplish?

Whether it’s to provide financial gifts and/or tangible assets to friends or family, a charity, a university, or other beneficiary, we will help you map it out. We can explore the pros and cons of different options with you, including donor-advised funds and trusts, setting up a scholarship, or creating a foundation—the list continues until we find the solution that’s right for your family.

What are the financial and tax implications?

Some people prefer to donate cash, others want plans for managing their required minimum distributions after age 72, others hold appreciated stock. Knowing your views, we’ll help you find the best strategies to maximize your giving—and if it’s important to you, your tax benefit.

How and when will your giving be distributed?

Whether it’s gifting now or in the future, the right strategies and tools can get you the outcomes you want—and give you a chance to have some oversight. HH can help ensure your legacy is positioned in the way you envision it.

We can brainstorm with you on the right solutions.

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