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Why Halbert Hargrove?

You deserve more than an advisor who only cares about your portfolio. At HH, the client-advisor relationship is deeply personal and comprehensive. Every advisor is a fiduciary – duty bound to put your interests first. As an independent company, HH has navigated up and down cycles for 70+ years. Our clients value our transparency and discipline in making realistic life goals real. 

Since 1989, our principles
have remained deep rooted:



We’re one big diverse family. We greatly respect—and keep challenging—one another, always aiming to better ourselves as individuals and as a firm, working alongside clients whom we esteem as partners and colleagues.



We live and test our discipline every day—and apply the greatest scrutiny to ourselves. Clients value our complete transparency; we’re accountable to them, and expect them to be accountable to us as well.


Freedom to
Innovate and Excel

We’re encouraged to try out new ideas, take on new roles that challenge us to grow—and push the boundaries of innovation. In seeking out optimal financial solutions for clients, we’re not afraid to veer from the pack.


Fiduciary Commitment

Our clients’ interests always come first. As fiduciaries, we refuse to sell proprietary products—and fearlessly dedicate ourselves to providing objective advice and continually examining our own practices.


Giving Back

We’re grateful for the opportunities we have to give back. Staying engaged with others, supporting our communities, and underwriting the support of big, life-changing initiatives is a huge part of our mission.

How We are Different?

At HH we'll help you plan and navigate life events, exploring alternatives and action plans that keep you moving towards your goals. Our proprietary LifePhase Investing® method sets you up for success at all stages and phases for a well-lived life.

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Who is it best for?You want a combination of portfolio management and financial planningYou're looking primarily for portfolio management.You want algorithmic investments and don't mind not having access to humans.
What do I get?"HH is an independent, employee owned team of fiduciaries. With us, you'll get a deep dive into every aspect of your financial life."You'll get portfolio setup and advice from an account manager who will recommend an allocation according to your age and risk profile.You get an app that invests your portfolio according to an algorithm set up for your age and risk profile. If you want to ask questions, that's a separate service.
How does it work?"HH has a detailed discovery call that uncovers the top of mind issues/goals and then dives deeper to align your financial plans to your goals and your LifePhase."Your account manager will understand your current assets so they can recommend a portfolio allocation that suits your age and risk profile.The app invests your funds according to information that you provide when you set up your account. From there, everything is automatic.
Possible commissions?"Fee only. Usually 1% of your managed portfolio up to $5 million. This keeps us aligned to your goals. All financial planning is included."Usually some combination of fees (which you may or may not see on your statement)A fixed fee based on the size of your portfolio. Human advice is extra.
Who will I work with?"You'll have a personal team including a CFP® advisor. A team approach ensures you have continuity and many perspectives working to give you the best solutions."You'll have an advisor, and they're usually the only person who has the details of your account. Support can be challenging if they are on vacation, out sick, etc.It's just you and the app.
What's the miminum investment amount?$500,000Varies from as low as $25,000 to $10,000,000 or moreNo minimum

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