Platform Revolution: How Networked Markets are Transforming the Economy and How to Make them Work for You

by Geoffrey G.  Parker, Van Alstyne, Choudary

Recommended by Halbert Hargrove, CEO, Russ Hill

“This book is relevant to RIAs and planners today in facing the issue of providing the services needed by clients and making a profit. The authors delineate “pipeline” businesses as employing a step-by-step process to design a service, offer it for sale, and wait for a customer to purchase. A “platform” business, on the other hand, enables value-creating interactions between external producers and consumers. Think Amazon. Platform businesses are winning in the marketplace. While we cannot all be Amazon, clients are used to a bit of amazing. This book can help a business owner determine which set of product and service providers to align with, plus it’s fun to read.”

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