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Now That You've Built Your Nest Egg, Paradise Looks Like...

  • Stress-free living,
  • Splurging on yourself occasionally and meeting all your needs and wants.
  • Enjoying quality time with friends and family.

While others were comfortable sticking to the status quo you took risks that paid off. You made some mistakes, but turned them into challenges and learning moments that are paying off with smarter decisions and calculated risks.


Being positive has played an important role in how you’ve gotten to where you are. Even when the chips are down, you know that things are always going to get better. You’re an unafraid dreamer, and though you may not have achieved everything you ever wanted, your focus on your goals keeps moving forward.


You’ve built a network of like-minded people. You know that those who are wealthy and successful value the power and influence of those networks, and surround themselves with trusted friends, and advisors to keep their edge.


1. Celebrate

As a Legacy Builder, you already know how to keep money in the bank. You’ve probably already saved more than you’ll need for a comfortable retired life - and you’re in good company! Many people overestimate how much they’ll need to live their dream life. Chances are, your saving-savvy nature means you’ve already met your goal.

  • To make sure you have met your goal, assess your nest egg: How much are you currently spending and how much are you saving?
  • Calculate your debt payments and payoffs. If you’re doing it right, your debts won’t last forever.
  • Remember housing, healthcare, and taxes!
  • Invest in a retirement planner to help with your calculations and long-range planning.

Bottom line: You’re already a Legacy Builder, so don’t forget to take some time to celebrate and enjoy your accomplishments.

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2. Stay Tax Smart

Taxes are the largest expense that many households face. Rethink your strategy by:

  • Diversifying your accounts: IRAs offer tax deferred growth potential and brokerage accounts offer taxable growth potential.
  • Investing tax-efficiently though municipal bonds, mutual funds, and more.
  • Don’t sell appreciated stocks until you have long-term capital gains.
  • Explore tax-loss harvesting, which reduces income tax liability.
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3. Invest in a Financial Advisor

As a Registered Investment Advisor, Halbert Hargrove is looking out for you: our Legacy Builders. Together, we can map out your long-term goals and develop a strategy to reach them. Did you know that as fiduciaries, we are legally bound to put your interests above our own? That’s why our clients trust us to guide the protection and optimization of their personal wealth.

The challenge you face now is how to direct your nest-egg so that it keeps working for you to give you what you really want.

  • Maybe you want to travel
  • Volunteer
  • Support a charity.
  • Continue to build your wealth to pass on to your children.
  • Or simply sleep better at night.

Now’s the time to find an advisor who earns your trust, who puts your interests first, and who understands not only your goals but your concerns. At Halbert Hargrove, we’ll work with you to develop a plan to balance the life you want to live today with the plans you have for the future… and adjust that plan as your goals and priorities shift.

Contact us today, and we’ll work with you to understand potential risks in order to keep your future safe and worry-free.

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