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Samantha Garcia
Wealth Advisor
Halbert Hargrove

Samantha Garcia started in the finance industry as an accountant. She knew she had a knack for numbers and helping people, so she took it one step further and found her love for financial planning and investment management, particularly helping clients meet their financial goals.  She connects with her clients on a daily basis providing them support for today and tomorrow.  Garcia believes in fearless conversations – those that ask the tough questions needed to uncover the real pain points that need to be addressed in order to reach clients’ goals.

Garcia stands out due her expertise in various subjects, from navigating divorce to investments (she is a certified financial planner), to career choices (she is a Designing Your Life certified facilitator).  The Designing Your Life certification allows her to help others think thoughtfully into their true desires and help them design a life that allows them to thrive.

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