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Why I Love My Job

To love your job, you have to first figure out what you love to do. I love accounting: 2 + 2 always equals 4. I pursued working at HH after doing some consulting work here. Watching how HH treated, supported, and encouraged associates clearly showed me it would be a great place to work. I love the opportunity I have to work behind the scenes, interacting with staff at all levels of the firm.

Karen M. Christian Family

Based in our Long Beach office, Karen is a behind-the-scenes professional who excels at pulling all the details together for our bookkeeping and accounting needs. Keeping our books in order sounds simple, but there are many moving parts. Karen’s clients are our Halbert Hargrove associates. We rely on her to answer questions about payroll and benefits—and appreciate her supportive attitude.

Karen loves her interactions with the HH team. “I believe everyone deserves a cheerleader and I try to be a cheerleader for at least one coworker every day,” she says.

She joined us as a contractor in 2014 and hired on as a team member in mid-2018. Prior to HH, she was a consultant for eight years, providing bookkeeping services to individuals as well as companies. Before that, she served as controller for South Pacific Aqua Farms, a Los Angeles company that imports tropical fish and living corals. She has also worked as an operations manager and an accounting administrator.

For Karen, beyond work, it’s all about family and friends. Karen shares two stepsons, Dylan and Jackson, with her husband James, along with Bizby and Bella the dogs. She adores spending time with her grandchildren.

Camping at the beach to surf fish, in the mountains to hike and stream fish, being outdoors enjoying the fresh air, listening to crashing waves, leaves rustling in the trees or stargazing in the desert next to a blazing fire is where you’ll find Karen and her family on long weekends.

“No matter where we go,” Karen says, “my family’s motto is to ‘leave it better than you found it.’”

Fun Fact

On Sunday’s you can find me riding my Harley to Julian for some apple pie with my husband, or working on my current knitting project, or napping if we had the grandkids for the weekend.