Why I Love My Job

We are an innovative firm—always seeking out the newest and best solutions for our employees and clients and are never satisfied or feel that we have done enough. This is the type of person I am too. Being part of this effort, always challenging ourselves to get better, is the reason I’ve worked for HH as long as I have. I love being around people who strive for more!

Kelli R. Kiemle Family

Kelli holds multiple roles with Halbert Hargrove. As Director of Marketing and Client Experience, she sets the tone for the quality and character of Halbert Hargrove’s client service relationships. She helped establish Halbert Hargrove’s current intern program, and manages the associate wealth advisors, client service managers, and administrative specialists.  Kelli is also responsible for overseeing the firm’s wide-ranging marketing and communications initiatives.

Based in the Long Beach office, Kelli enjoys the diverse challenges of her roles. She says it’s very gratifying as a manager “to see people improve and excel at their job—moving outside of their comfort zone and experience being more capable than they imagined.”

She joined Halbert Hargrove in 2007 and was tapped for her current management role in 2012. Previously, Kelli worked as a sales manager for Gallo Wine Company, providing client service and account management in South Orange County.

Kelli earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration-Business Communication/Marketing from the Marshall School of Business at the University of Southern California in 2006; she has also earned the designation of ACCREDITED INVESTMENT FIDUCIARY™ from the University of Pittsburgh-affiliated Center for Fiduciary Studies.

Married to an amazing husband, Kelli is the mom to two boys, and loves spending time with their dog, Brody. As a family they enjoy trips to just about anywhere and love spending time in their pool together.  In her free time Kelli enjoys reading, cooking, gardening, and riding her Peloton for exercise and sanity.

Fun Fact

I only know one joke and everyone who knows me well, knows it too! It came from a Popsicle—and my young son enjoys sharing it too.

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