Tim D. Kohler

Trading Manager

As Halbert Hargrove’s Trading Manager, Tim’s responsibilities encompass a range of projects and tasks—all of which are aimed at ensuring that our professional teams have the tools needed to help our clients succeed. Tim implements and trades portfolios, with an eye to developing systems and procedures to streamline internal processes. “Streamlining these processes allows our service teams to spend more of their time where it matters—with clients,” he says. He also assists HH’s Operations division with back-office projects.

A favorite part of Tim’s role is “innovating and creating new approaches that will help us improve as a firm. I enjoy finding ways to solve the ‘unsolvable’ problems that come up on a regular basis.” He’s also grateful for the back and forth he shares with his HH colleagues, “having the opportunity to absorb their wisdom as well as passing on the knowledge I accumulate.”

Tim first joined us as an operations intern in 2012 while an undergraduate at Cal State Long Beach. He was named to his current role in 2014. He has also worked as a performance effectiveness consultant for a restaurant. His first job out of high school was serving as admin assistant and factotum for a top-U.S.-ranked Realtor in Bakersfield, his hometown.

He earned his B.S. from California State University in 2015, majoring in Finance and minoring in Economics.

Tim loves to unwind by working out at the gym. For the past several years, he’s been practicing Olympic weightlifting, and enjoys the challenges of this sport. Want to know what it’s like to snatch 225 pounds? Ask him! Taking on new physical challenges seems to be part of Tim’s DNA. He says the scariest experience of his life, by far, was bungee jumping.