By Tony Delane, CFP®, AIF®, Associate Wealth Advisor

“Let’s circle back after the new year.”

Well, the new year is coming up and it’s time to get organized. Here are three tax tips aimed at ensuring you can spend more time this year on the things you enjoy – and, in the case of #1, targeting a more secure retirement:

1.     Update your retirement plan deferrals.

The goal is to save as much into tax-advantaged accounts as possible. We think increasing deferrals by at least 1% per is a good way to build savings over time without creating a huge shock to your monthly take-home. This is a great time to review the investment allocations in your retirement plan(s) as well.

2.    Take time to plan ahead.

If you rely on your portfolio to create cash flow for living expenses, take some time to plan ahead for any expected changes or one-off needs. For instance, if you are planning a family vacation, or feel like it’s a good year to buy that boat, we can strategize with you to free up cash ahead of time in a tax-efficient manner.

3.     Organize your tax information.

Start – and stay – organized with any deductions and other important tax opportunities you have. It’s a good idea to digitize any receipts and track other details relevant to your tax situation throughout the year, rather than trying to scramble to put it all together come tax time.

While you’re at it, most institutions offer electronic delivery of statements and other tax forms. It’s far easier to send a folder of digital documents to your tax preparer than to deal with hard copy information – and potentially miss something.

We hope your holiday season is filled with friends, family, and resolutions you can stick with! An investment of a little time on these items should pay off for you both in the short and long term. We look forward to working alongside you in the years to come.


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