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By JC Abusaid, CEO/President as Featured in Forbes 

When the new year rolls around, it’s pro forma for business leaders to review last year’s strategies and retool them for the year ahead. But what about reflecting on our own abilities and impacts in driving momentum, inspiration and growth?

For many of us, reflecting on our business’s goals comes far more easily. Yet I’ve come to believe that self-reflection is a powerful tool that not only makes you a more effective leader; it has trickle-down impacts on your entire workforce. I see this as, optimally, both internally and externally generated. We all need feedback—both validation on the great stuff and an understanding of where we’ve faltered. Why not take this on more consciously in 2023?

Set Aside Time For Reflection

Here’s my disclaimer: I’m not the sit-and-meditate type. For some people, reflection involves journaling or meditating. For me, reflection works best when I’m in motion: running, walking, hiking or watering my garden. Find what works for you. Regardless, being disciplined about taking time to step away and reflect on the big picture can ease stress and generate new ideas.

Breaking away from your workspace on a regular basis to self-reflect can set you up to view things from a different perspective. The key is to get away from “everything else” and commit yourself to a specific time, which is frequently when the best ideas come. I water my garden in the early morning: my time to reflect, think and plan. Just make sure you have something handy to take down your thoughts!

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