By JC Abusaid, CEO/President in Forbes 


I used to be completely against running. I’d been a competitive gymnast in my younger days and was devoted to strength training and acrobatics. Running was a form of punishment. Almost 20 years ago, a good friend on a weight loss journey asked for my support during a 10K race (6 miles). Two-thirds of the way through, I felt like sprinting. I realized I was enjoying myself.

Now, I run almost every day. It’s a core part of my fitness regimen, but it’s far more than that. It helps me maintain my mental wellness, too. Running with family and friends is a great way to bond, and running alone is the perfect time to think. Along the way, I’ve gained invaluable lessons in resilience and persistence, optimizing my energies, and the downsides of a competitive nature. My running journey has also strengthened my leadership skills.

If you don’t run already, I can’t promise you’ll connect with its benefits like I have. But there are plenty of leadership lessons finance professionals can take away from it.

The Meaning Of Running

Why am I so passionate about running? It’s such a pure and efficient way to exercise. No machines are needed, and you can do it rain or shine, relying entirely on your own effort. Unlike team sports, the responsibility is all yours. You can’t blame others. I believe there is a purity in that.

Running is an equalizer: Almost anyone can do it. It’s sequential and rational. Even if you start small, you will see progress: Consistency and discipline matter. And you don’t have to worry about being competitive. Nobody cares (but you).


Endurance and perseverance are essential traits in both running and leadership. With running, there are days when every step feels effortless and others when the joy is hard to find. Over time, you learn to keep at it, reach your goals and understand that progress is made step by step. You come to know that it gets better.

Similarly, in leadership, some challenges and projects may seem insurmountable. Yet, by maintaining focus and tackling each obstacle methodically, you can accomplish remarkable things. Mental toughness is believing in your capacities and having the discipline to overcome the moments of pain. You must work out the details and be fully present at all those recurring meetings. You just can’t let up.

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