By Ben Mattlin, ThinkAdvisor featuring Cecilia T. Williams, CFP®, AIF®, Director of Investment Operations/CCO at Halbert Hargrove

The worst career advice I’ve ever received was, “Don’t take that promotion.” It came from a close colleague, from her own insecurities [about failure]. She was so convincing that I went to my boss at the 11th hour and tried to back out of the promotion. Lucky for me, my boss ignored my pleas. Because of that, and the other support systems I had built within the firm, I was able to challenge myself in ways that I never knew possible. It’s a good reminder that sometimes even colleagues are too close to situations to see the bigger picture; you have to trust your gut and your mentors and take the leap, even when you don’t see the other side yet.

— Cecilia T. Williams, CFP, AIF, director of investment operations/CCO, Halbert Hargrove, in Long Beach, California

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